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Training with the Wild.AI App gives you accurate data about your physiology; helping improve your performance and prevent injury.

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Reach new heights

The Wild.AI Coach Dashboard provides valuable insights,
tailored to your athlete's hormonal phase,
improving recovery and overall performance.

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Our Integrations


Wild.AI integrates with Strava. We receive your training activities from Strava including training intensity and duration.


We integrate with Garmin. We receive your sleep, heart rate, training activity and stress data.


We integrate with Oura. We receive your sleep, resting heart rate and heart rate variability data. Temperature and activities are not available yet.


We integrate with Training Peaks. We receive your session details, including training stress scores.

Apple Health

We integrate with Apple Health, which means you can connect it to your Wild.AI account and pull in data from other wearables, including Whoop.


We integrate with Fitbit. We receive your sleep, heart rate and training activity data.

Maximize your Wild.AI experience with wearables

When you connect your wearable—be it Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, TrainingPeaks, Fitbit, or Oura—to Wild.AI, the magic truly unfolds. The precise, continuous data from your wearable supercharges Wild.AI's algorithms.

The result?

Tailored insights and recommendations that are deeply attuned to your body's rhythms and needs. In essence, the more accurate the input (thanks to wearables), the more personalized and effective the output.

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What do Wild athletes say?

"This app literally changed my life.

I wish I had it earlier in my career."

Anne Bavelaar
Pentathlon Pro

"I feel like I am way more

in control than I used to be"

Anne Terpstra
Professional Mountain Biker

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