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The Wild.AI Coach Dashboard integrates with our pioneering women's health app to help you understand, support, and maximize the potential of your female athletes and their hormone cycles. Our system analyses wearable data and self-reported symptoms in line with over 450 whitepapers to give personalized recommendations so you can unlock their true capabilities.

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The interface of the Wild.AI coach dashboard, showing the graphs on the home page.

Overview page

  • Daily check-in snapshots for a quick team overview
  • See the training readiness score of all of your athletes
  • Identify women in menstrual phases linked to ACL injuries
  • Send check-in notifications to your team

Life stage insights

  • Track athletes through the five phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Understand impacts of birth control, menopause and perimenopause on performance
  • Support your team with educational resources
  • Gain insights on best practices based on over 450 whitepapers
  • Personalised tips for pre, during and post training across all life stages

Profile pages

  • view detailed reporting on individual athletes
  • be aware of critical symptoms, injuries and illnesses
  • See cycle and symptoms history
  • review tracking for women in multiple life stages, birth control, and hormone fluctuations

Calendar tracking

  • Visual display of your women's phases day by day
  • Color coded for easy visualisation

What our coaches say about us

"It gives me an insight into where they are in their cycle so that I can use that information to inform my planning for that athlete; and that way I can make their training a lot more individualized."

"The Wild.AI coaching platform has helped me really understand how my female clients’ energy levels ebb and flow throughout the month.

And in general, as a male coach, the Wild.AI brand has been an incredible educational source, so that I now feel comfortable and confident when discussing these topics with all my riders."

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