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The Wild.AI Coach Dashboard is designed to help you understand, support, and maximize the potential of your female athletes. Embrace the power of data and personalized recommendations to unlock their true capabilities.

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Train your female athletes

like never before
Comprehensive athlete insights
  • All your athletes in one place.

  • Track their readiness scores, check-in data, and symptoms effortlessly.

  • Know which life stage and cycle phase they are in.

  • Receive data-driven recommendations to tailor training plans.

Easy Communication
  • Communicate with athletes easily using quick prompts.

  • Provide timely feedback and motivation to boost their performance.

Session Assignment
  • Assign training sessions based on individualized data and goals.

  • Adjust workouts to each athlete's unique needs.

Who can benefit?

Personal Trainers

Trainers and Coaches with individual athletes or small teams.


Coaches monitoring small or medium sized teams with more than one Coach.


Large organizations, collegiate sports and olympic teams.

Research Studies

Research studies performed on an all female athlete sample.

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