At Wild.AI we aim to help women use their physiology to their advantage. The change in hormones that women experience throughout menstruation, perimenopause and menopause are so common. News flash - talking about these things shouldn’t be taboo anymore!

They’re a reflection of a healthy woman and should be celebrated. However, given that only about 6% of sport medical research actually includes women, it means the health industry has previously been dominated by men - and yes, all those apps and wearables we’ve been using were built by men for men. They don’t take into consideration these normal hormonal fluctuations that women experience.

So, at Wild.AI we are trying to change that! We want to provide a research-backed experience that takes women’s hormones into consideration. That is why we’ve launched our in-app plans. These are plans for women, made by women! (I know, we’re excited about it too!)

Wild.AI is giving you training plans like you’ve never experienced them before! We’ve built plans that cater to women’s physiology, whether you’re menstruating, on birth control, going through perimenopause or menopause. 💪

BUT these aren’t just normal, run-of-the-mill, tailored workouts. We’ve designed an algorithm that allows our plans to be truly adaptive to you and your cycle phases (if you have a cycle).

Our algorithm takes your symptoms and cycle phase into consideration to adapt the training recommendations to you, every day. With our plans, created by elite coaching experts, and our algorithm, no other training plan tailors itself to you, as a woman, like ours. 🤯

Here’s What you’ll get with our plans!

All Wild.AI plans can be adapted to your needs and how you like to train!

✨Choose which day you want to start your plan.

✨Decide how many sessions you want to train per week.

✨Pick how many longer sessions you want per week.

✨You can also sync it to your menstrual cycle (if you have one) using our cycle sync option.

With every session you'll always have:

✨Video demonstrations and detailed explanations of each exercise.

✨Superset organization, with sets, reps, load and the tempo for each exercise.

✨Nutrition recommendations for before AND after every training session.

✨The ability to check in, log, and rate your training session.

There are no other plans out there like ours that adapt daily to your physiology as a woman! So if you’re looking for a plan that is made specifically for your physiology, that includes heavy lifting, CrossFit style, or mobility training, Wild.AI has got you covered 🙌.

Just head over to the training page in our app and find the right plan for you!

You can find the Wild.AI app in the google play store and Apple app store.

Originally published: 27.09.2022


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