The world of fitness and wellness is evolving, and at the forefront of this revolution is the Wild.AI Coach Academy, a groundbreaking program dedicated to understanding and optimizing female health and performance.

What is the Wild.AI Coach Academy?

Wild.AI, known for its innovative app helping women turn their hormones into their superpower, has launched the Wild.AI Coach Academy. This program is designed for coaches, trainers, and health professionals, offering them a deeper understanding of female physiology, particularly about exercise and overall wellness.

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Who is the Wild.AI Coach Academy For?

This course is perfect for beginners & refreshers. 

It’s designed to help anyone training to be or working as one of the following:

✨ Head Coach

✨Strength and Conditioning Coach

✨Sports Physiotherapist

✨Personal Trainer

✨ High School Sports Teacher

✨ College Sports Coach

✨ Nutritionist

✨Sports Camp Leader

Why Focus on Female Physiology?

Traditionally, fitness and health research has heavily skewed towards male physiology, often leaving women with advice that doesn’t fully cater to their unique needs. The Wild.AI Coach Academy addresses this gap. By emphasizing the different phases of the menstrual cycle - Early Follicular, Mid Follicular, Ovulation, Mid Luteal, and Late Luteal - it educates coaches on how these phases impact physical performance, recovery, and nutrition.

Course Offerings

The academy begins with "Menstrual Cycles and Tracking" by Dr. Stacy Sims, which delves into the intricacies of female physiology, particularly focusing on the menstrual cycle and its impact on women's health and athletic performance. Dr Stacy Sims, a renowned expert in this field, emphasizes the importance of understanding the menstrual cycle's phases and how they influence physical capabilities, recovery, and overall well-being. 

Next, the course dives into “How to Talk to Your Athletes as a Coach” hosted by Bevan McKinnon, who is an elite Triathlete and coach. McKinnon looks into approaching the topic of menstruation with athletes, how to tailor approaches to coaching to suit women and how to create a safe space. He also discusses the best ways to stay on top of the science involved.

Finally, we dive into the resources available to help coaches manage and understand their client’s cycles. This includes a peak into the coach dashboard and how to use the Wild.AI App to track symptoms.

Completing all three sections of the course will give you a completion certificate.

Real-World Applications

The real-world impact of the Wild.AI Coach Academy is immense and multifaceted. Graduates equipped with this specialized knowledge can revolutionize female-centric coaching in several ways:

Personalized Training Programs: Understanding menstrual cycles allows coaches to design training schedules that align with a woman's hormonal fluctuations. For example, lower-intensity workouts during the early follicular phase when energy might be low and more strenuous sessions around ovulation when many women experience peak strength.

Enhanced Communication and Empathy: The knowledge gained from the academy fosters a deeper empathy and understanding between coaches and their female clients. Coaches learn how to discuss sensitive topics like menstruation and PMS symptoms, creating a more open and supportive training environment.

Using Technology for Tailored Support: The Wild.AI app and Coach Dashboard has become invaluable, enabling coaches to track their clients' cycles and symptoms. This data-driven approach ensures that each woman's unique physiological changes are considered in her fitness and wellness journey.

Advocating for Women's Health in Sports: Graduates from the academy become ambassadors for women's health, advocating for more research and awareness about the unique needs of female athletes.

In essence, the Wild.AI Coach Academy empowers coaches to become more than just fitness experts – they become integral partners in their clients' journey towards optimal health and performance, tailored specifically to the unique rhythms of the female body.


The Wild.AI Coach Academy is more than just a training program; it's a movement towards understanding and embracing the unique aspects of female health and fitness. By educating health professionals in this niche yet crucial area, Wild.AI is enhancing the performance and well-being of women worldwide and paving the way for a more inclusive and informed approach to health and fitness.

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