Why Coaches Should Use the Wild.AI Coach Dashboard to Train Women

As a coach, your primary goal is to help your athletes achieve their full potential. If you work with female athletes, you must consider using Wild.AI Coach Dashboard to enhance your training program.

What is the Coach Dashboard?

The Coach Dashboard combines advanced sports science, data from wearable tech and self-reported data into a single readiness score. Coaches can monitor their whole team or individual athletes in one place with easy-to-understand graphs and charts, and use this data to adapt their coaching plans accordingly. Our readiness scores can account for factors like the effects of 149+ birth controls, irregular cycles, and peri-menopausal changes.

Additionally, the dashboard educates coaches on the intricacies of female training. Beyond the analytics, it also fosters a community of coaches and athletes, ensuring that those utilizing the platform are always at the forefront of female athletic training. In essence, the Wild.AI Coach Dashboard is not just a tool but a revolution in comprehensively understanding and elevating the training of women athletes.

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5 Reasons Why Coaches Should Use The Coach Dashboard

1. Data-Driven Insights

We integrate with wearables and apps from Garmin, Oura, Fitbit, Apple watch, Training Peaks, Strava, enabling your athletes to keep their favourite tech, while allowing you to see all the data in one place. We can use these wearables to track their heart rate and sleep training load. Additionally, we use manual inputs - such as menstrual cycle dates, pelvic floor strength, ovulation pain, hot flushes, and 50 more female-specific symptoms.

Our dashboard analyses the datasets, finding correlations between their ovulation, heart rate, and strength, or bloating, pre-menstrual symptoms, and hydration.

You can also run your own analysis and gain insights into each athlete's training habits and tendencies, as well as identify areas where they may need to improve.

This allows you to adjust their program accordingly and help them reach their full potential.

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2. Get up to speed on how to train women

You get all the information women put into their app on your dashboard, plus we give some facts and advice so you can  understand the science behind the Wild.AI coach dashboard data.

By now, you might have heard of cycle-syncing and some core principles around nutrition, training and recovery.

But what about if the woman uses birth control? Is the copper IUD impacting her hormones and body in the same way as a progestin-only pill does? Our analysis takes into account over 149+ birth controls so that you can ensure your coaching plan works with her body.

What about if she doesn’t have a regular cycle because she’s in peri-menopause, and products with a set 28-days tracking does not apply?? Or their smart watch doesn’t work well for her because she sometimes has a 45 days cycle, and then bleeds for 2 weeks in a row?

Well. We are made by women, for women. We know what it’s like to be a moving target. And we’re made by data scientists: we love solving complex data problems. We do this for you because we are passionate about sports and want a product we can use ourselves.

You’ll get alerts when we identify out-of-habit metrics, and provide you with the rationales behind, so you can be really well equipped when talking to her.

So, you keep on doing what you do best: bringing your incredible human energy to your women to get the best out of them. And let us do what we do well: crunch data, draw correlations, and keep on top of the latest research.

3. Community Support

Finally, the Wild.AI Coach Dashboard provides access to a community of other coaches and athletes. This can be a valuable resource for sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting support. By connecting with other professionals in your field, you can stay up-to-date on the latest research, training trends and techniques, and continue to improve your own coaching skills.

4. Better Communication

The Wild.AI Coach Dashboard will make it easy to communicate with your athletes on female-specific research topics. The platform gives cycle and lifestage based nutritional and exercise information so you can communicate with confidence. This can help you stay in touch with your athletes more effectively, and ensure that they have all the information they need to succeed.

Coming Soon

We are constantly updating and improving our services, so here is what’s on the horizon for the Coach Dashboard.

5. Personalized Training Plans

The Wild.AI Coach Dashboard will allow you to create personalized training plans for each of your athletes. The plan will adapt to each woman in your team who uses our platform, depending on her symptoms and life stage. This is revolutionary and truly unique. This means that you can continue working with women, but cater to each of them with their hormonal specificities.

Overall, the Wild.AI Coach Dashboard is a powerful tool for coaches who work with female athletes. By providing personalized training plans, data-driven insights, better communication, and community support, it can help you take your coaching program to the next level.

Originally published: 14.07.2023

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